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SC AXM PROD 93 Ltd.- headquarters Bucharest, str Splaiul Independentei No 3, bl.17, scara1, etaj7, ap.19, sector 4, Bucharest, cod 040 011
SC AXM PROD 93 Ltd. was founded in 1994 with entirely private Romanian capital. Production centre is located in the village Lungesti, Valcea County in an area full of history with an enchanting landscape dominated by hills of Oltenia.
The production started with the manufacture of lacquers, varnishes, enamels, industrial paints and diluents.
Due to increasing consumption of synthetic resins and desire to increase product quality, in 1996 it was put into operation the production line of synthetic resins.
In 1996 the company launched the brand, Final ‘and’ Protector ‘.
Company policy was oriented towards production of wood finishing materials, without neglecting other areas. The company has expanded its research activity, this involving qualified personnel and equipped laboratories with latest equipment to verify physical and chemical characteristics of products.
In 1998, it was built a modern manufacturing primers and lakes with a production capacity of over 500 tonnes per month.
In 1999, the company launched a new range for category paint diluted with water uses to finish interior and exterior exposed wood.
After 2000, it has continued the investment in technological equipment, laboratories and qualified staff so that AXM products to grow in terms of quality from year to year.
Staff policy and insurance company has consisted of permanent improvement of staff, personnel policy of the employer company has been to care for employees, to create an atmosphere suitable to increase the chances of future development. This is proven by the fact that over 70% of employees have been working in the company since the beginning.
Logistics department ensures the delivery of products we manufacture in the shortest possible time after receiving the order, having an own fleet of special cars and trucks.
The deliveries are made from both Lungesti-Valcea the central warehouse production and the two stores in Bucharest and Harlau-Iasi
Since its establishment, the company has always had an environmentally friendly attitude, so since it has been making major investments in plants to control emissions of organic compounds volatile, in clean technologies and to create products that have no a negative environmental impact .